About Our School

Mission Statement

The mission of Walter T. McKee Junior High School is to set high academic standards in a safe and nurturing learning environment in order to produce productive members of a diverse society.

Motto: Challenging great minds to their fullest potential.  

About The School

The History of Walter T. McKee Junior High School

School ImageWalter T. McKee Junior High School was founded in August 2002 and opened its doors three miles south of the Southern Boulevard at 4017 McInnis Road (converging centrally, off Virginia Loop Road and Narrow Lane Road). In the first year, McKee's staff enrolled over 900 students, 224 more than the 690 projected student enrollment. The student population consisted of children zoned for and/or living in the central and southern portions of the city of Montgomery, as well as those grandfathered in from the former Cloverdale Junior High School, which was a long time leader in academic and athletic excellence in the historic Old Cloverdale/Huntingdon College section of the city. Cloverdale Junior High School closed its doors as a public school in May 2002. During that time, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools scheduled the school for its Annual Review Renewal. An appeal was filed to delay the review until the new school was opened.

McKee Junior High School was named for the former Montgomery County Public Schools Superintendent, Walter T. McKee, who served in the early 1960s. Mr. McKee's son, Walter T. McKee, Jr., served as the designing architect of the enormous state of the art, non-traditional architectural campus structure housing both the junior high school and its sister, Walter T. McKee Elementary School. The entire structure is located in a valley of a former cattle farm, and still contains the original silo as the school's identifying mark.

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