Absence, Check In/Out Procedures


The reasons for excused absences are as follows:

  • Personal illness
  • Serious illness in the family verified by an Attendance or District Resource Officer
  • Court-required appearance
  • Death in the immediate family Absence must not exceed one week.
  • Inclement weather which makes it dangerous to attend school
  • Emergency conditions as determined by the superintendent and conveyed through the principal.
  • Prior permission of the principal with request from the parent/guardian, (Parents should complete the Prior Approval of Absence form which must be signed by the principal before the absence takes place.)

Absence for the observance of recognized holidays of the child’s own faith.




Missing a bus or ride


Trips unauthorized by principal

Birthdays or other celebrations

Any absence for which a written excuse was not provided within three (3) days

Any absence or tardy due to dress code violation


1. Any student not seated at his/her desk when the 7:20 bell rings is considered tardy. Students who arrive after 7:20 a.m. will report to the main office accompanied by a parent. The student will be given a pass to class. In order for a tardy to be excused, the student must immediately present to the teacher a written excuse explaining the reason for being tardy.

2. Tardiness is excused for the following reasons: illness of self or an immediate family member, death in the family, emergency or exceptional situations as determined by the administration. Traffic problems or car trouble is not a valid excuse.

3. If a student is tardy to school because of a doctor or dental appointment, he/she must bring a statement from the doctor or dentist or written excuse from parent(s) before the tardy will be considered excused.

Please remember that a student will not be eligible for a perfect attendance certificate if the student has a check-in, check-out, or tardy.



Students who leave school for any reason must check-out through the school office following McKee Middle School check-out procedures. 

Students who become ill will report it to his/her teacher. The teacher will notify the school office, school nurse, administrator, or security officer. Parents will be notified and the student will remain in class until he/she is checked out. 

Students are not permitted to leave the school without signing out or being properly dismissed through the main office.

Parents will be notified before a student is permitted to leave school. (Only individuals listed on a student's registration card will be allowed to check that student out.) When a student returns to school the same day after check-out, he/she is to report to the main office, sign-in, and get a pass to class.

Parents must always report to the main office to sign a student in or out. A picture ID is required when checking out a student. Students are not allowed to check-out after 2:00 p.m. unless approved by an administrator.

Check-outs for the purpose of keeping an appointment with a doctor or dentist will be considered excused only after the student brings a statement from the doctor or dentist indicating the date and time spent in the office. Please request a statement from your doctor, and if you return to school on the same day of your visit, show the statement to the secretary when you check-in. If you return the next day, give the note to your homeroom teacher.

Students must be in attendance a minimum of one-half (1/2) of the instructional day to be counted present and to participate in extra-curricular activities. An early dismissal before one-half

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