School Wide Discipline Plan

The school has a responsibility to parents and students that goes beyond the educational program. A school must provide students with a suitable environment while on the school premises and at other school-related activities away from the school grounds. An environment conducive to learning must be maintained in order to ensure equal educational opportunity for all students. Since an environment is partially determined by the conduct of the students, student self-discipline relative to rules and regulation is a desired goal. Rules and regulations are designed to promote a desired environment for learning. It shall be the policy of Walter T. McKee Middle School that every student abides by all rules and regulations of general school rules to maintain order on campus and to protect property. The responsibility of classroom discipline rests with the teacher. The teacher will keep an open line of communication with parents.

Any student who disrupts or refuses to follow published rules and regulations, uses or encourages others to use violence, which interferes with school purposes, or interrupts the effective operation of the school or school-sponsored activities, will be subject to disciplinary action.

Walter T. McKee Middle School will strongly and consistently address issues of non-cooperation related to the following: drugs, weapons, fighting, defiance, and disrespect to adults and other students (as so described in the Montgomery Public School’s Code of Student Behavior). Students involved in any of the above may lose participation privileges in any extra-curricular activity for the remainder of the year and may not be allowed to represent the school in any capacity. Students will follow the classroom rules of behavior given by each of their teachers.


The level of success that Walter T. McKee Middle School obtains depends on faculty, staff, parents, and students working together to accomplish our goals. The following policies and procedures listed below have been implemented to ensure a successful school year:

1. Halls

Students will:

  • walk in an orderly manner
  • keep the noise level to a minimum
  • refrain from horseplay
  • avoid displays of affection
  • respect school property
  • conduct themselves in an orderly manner
  • only eat food in appropriate area (lunch room)
  • dispose of gum prior to entering the building
  • remove head gear upon arrival
  • act in a manner that promotes a positive learning environment

2. Lunchroom

Students will:

  • only leave the lunchroom with a pass except in the case of an emergency
  • respect others’ positions in line
  • remain at their tables
  • follow teacher's clean-up plans for tables
  • refrain from throwing objects
  • keep the noise level to a minimum
  • carbonated beverages are not permitted in the lunchroom
  • adhere to instructions given by school employees

**Students are not allowed to bring any food or beverages outside of the lunchroom.

3. Classrooms

Students will follow the classroom rules of behavior given by each of their teachers. 

4. Inappropriate Behaviors

Students will not:

  • show disrespect or defiance toward any Montgomery Public School employee and students.
  • play cards or dice at school
  • wear headsets, ear plugs, or listen to radios, or any personal electronic devices, which includes cell phones, at school
  • play electronic games at school
  • horseplay, touch, hit, push, shove, fight, or use profanities/obscenities
  • display affection toward others, litter, or sell items of any kind
  • bring illegal substances, tobacco products, matches, or lighters to school
  • bring carbonated or alcoholic beverages, markers, or white out to school
  • participate in any activity that disrupts the school environment

Note: Please consult the Montgomery County Public School Code of Student Behavior for additional behaviors and consequences. Also, any other behavior not listed here but deemed inappropriate by the principal will also be addressed under this section.


Bus students are expected to follow all Montgomery County Public Schools Transportation Department rules and regulations while riding a Montgomery County Public School bus. Violation of these rules may result in the loss of the privilege to ride the bus. The Code of Student Behavior applies to bus behavior as well as behavior on the school campus. Once on the bus, the student is under the jurisdiction of the Montgomery County Public Schools. The buses are allowed to carry only their regularly assigned students. Questions concerning transportation should be directed to the Montgomery County Public Schools Transportation Department at (334) 284-2085.


Walter T. McKee Middle School will sponsor various extra-curricular activities. Students who are interested and meet the requirements are eligible to participate in these activities. During these events, students are expected to conduct themselves according to all MPS polices and W. T. McKee Middle School procedures.


Students who have been suspended or expelled from the school system are not allowed on any school property nor allowed to attend any school function. Questions or concerns about attendance may be directed to an administrator.


Parents/teachers conferences must be scheduled in advance at a time agreed upon by both the teachers and parent(s). The conference should take place during the team teachers’ planning period, before school, or after school. Parental conferences will not be scheduled on Monday afternoons due to faculty meetings. Please contact the Guidance Department for assistance.


"Guidelines for School Visitors is a Board policy. Please refer to the Code of Student Behavior for 2015-2016".



***Students will not be allowed to bring a book bag on campus unless he/she has purchased a locker.

Students will pay their homeroom teacher a $30.00 fee at the beginning of the school year. The breakdown of the fee is listed below:

  • $6.00 P.E. Uniform Shirt
  • $6.00 P.E. Uniform Shorts
  • $6.50 Classroom Locker
  • $6.50 P.E. Locker
  • $5.00 Classroom Educational Magazines

Students will rent a locker from their homeroom teacher at the beginning of the school year for a rental fee of $6.50 for the school year. Teachers will only assign lockers to their homeroom students. Students are responsible for keeping their lockers clean and locked at all times. In addition, students are not allowed, under any circumstances, to share lockers with other students.

A student should not give his/her combination or exchange lockers for any reason. Lockers are not to be damaged or defaced by placing stickers or decals on or inside of the lockers. Students who damage or deface a locker must pay the replacement price for a new locker. Lockers are property of the school and can be searched by administration at any given time without prior notice. The school will only accept cash, money orders, or cashier checks for payments of school fees.

All fees, including money paid for field trips are non-refundable!


All students enrolled in Montgomery Public Schools in the upcoming school year will receive breakfast and lunch at no cost.


Textbooks are available for all students enrolled at Walter T. McKee Middle School. Parents will have to sign and pick-up their child’s textbooks from the school. These textbooks are required to remain at home and must not be brought to school under any circumstances. All teachers have been issued a classroom set of textbooks for students to utilize in their classes during the instructional day. Textbooks will be issued beginning September 1, 2015 between the following hours:

7th Grade---8:30-9:30 AM

6th Grade---9:30-11:00 AM

8th Grade---1:00-2:30 PM

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Nelson at (334) 284-7528. 

Cell Phone Policy

Students are not permitted to use a cell phone or any electronic device in school. This includes, but is not limited to an I Phone, Blackberry, Smartphone, other adapted PDAs or electronic devices. Principals have the authority to allow the use of cell phones and electronic devices for instructional purposes during class; however, that permission must be granted before students are allowed to openly display cell phones or other electronic devices in class/school. Unless otherwise stated, cell phones and other electronic devices are to be out of view and not in use while students are in the school building, in classes that may be held outside of the building and on school sponsored field trips. If a cell phone rings or beeps in class/school, it is considered being in use. Therefore, it is advised that student phones remain off while in the school building. Students assigned to behavior alternative sites are to adhere to the MPS Cell Phone Usage Policy. Procedures for confiscating, securing, and returning devices will be developed on a school basis. School officials accept no responsibility for safeguarding confiscated items or for loss or damage to confiscating property.

The cell phone/telecommunication device guidelines of McKee Middle School coincide with MPS policy, but in a more detailed and school specific form.

If a student is found to be in violation of the Cell Phone Policy, the device (cell phone, iPod, MP3 player, etc.) will be confiscated by school personnel. Refusal by a student to surrender the device is not an option. Cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, etc. confiscated as a result of a violationmay be returned to a parent or guardian.

Consequences for Violation

1st Offense---WARNING

2nd Offense---B16 (A) Possession of Cell Phones or Telecommunication Devices

3rd Offense: Out of School Suspension


Cell phones/devices may be picked up in the front office at the following times:

8:00-8:30 AM & 2:30-3:00 PM

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