Uniform Dress Code


Students are expected to be appropriately dressed for school each day. Dress and personal appearance must not cause a distraction or present a safety problem.

The student will be sent to in-school suspension or home (depending on

severity) if he/she is not properly dressed. Any student who violates the dress code policy will be subject to the school wide discipline plan and an unexcused absence for any class time missed.

The following uniform dress code procedures will be enforced:

8th Grade Students Red Polo Shirts Only

7th Grade Students Royal Blue Polo Shirts Only

6th Grade Students Gold Polo Shirts Only

GIRLS- Solid Khaki pants, shorts, skirts, or skorts that are of cotton or polyester blend (no spandex or cargo pants) are allowed. Skirts, shorts, or skorts must be no higher than knee length from the crease in the back of the knee. Slits in skirts and dresses must meet the knee length regulation. No tight or revealing clothing may be worn.

BOYS- Solid Khaki Pants/shorts must be fitted and belted at the waist with only one belt (no sagging/bagging or clothes that are too large). NO OVERSIZED BELT BUCKLES.

Solid red, royal blue, or gold three (3) button golf/polo style shirts with a collar are required with no markings, logos, numbers, designs, or emblems other than the McKee Middle School logo. (NO SHORT-SLEEVE OR LONG SLEEVE DICKIE SHIRTS.) No colored shirts, short jackets, vests, or pullovers are to be worn on top of or underneath the red, royal blue, or gold uniform shirts. Shirts MUST be buttoned and tucked in at all times.

Clothing must be clean with no open holes. Shredded clothing will NOT be allowed. Oversized or undersized clothing, including skirts, blouses, dresses, pants, or shirts will not be allowed. 

Solid black tennis/athletic or gym shoes with solid black shoestrings/laces are required. All shoes must have a closed toe and heel.

No Ballerina Shoes No Spandex
No Jellies No Jeggings
No Boots  No Leggings
No House Shoes/Slippers No Tights
No Flip Flop No Sweat Pants/Warm up Pant

No Mary Janes

No Sandals  


On special occasions, the principal may designate days when dress for students may be adjusted.

HAIRSTYLES – non-obtrusive; must not cause a distraction; no fluorescent coloring, any hair coloring must be of natural hues; no wave wraps (wave cap, do-rag, etc.), head bands, or head caps. No combs, picks, spray-paint, or glitter shall be worn in the hair or on the body. Hairstyles that interfere with the educational process through distraction either in length, haircut, design, weight, color, or attachments are prohibited.

Nose jewelry may not be worn by boys or girls while they are in school. For safety reason visual piercing jewelry will be limited to ears only. Hoops larger than one inch will not be allowed. Jewelry which includes long necklaces, accessories with spikes or chains, heavy medallions, removable dental grills, heavy bracelets and large finger rings will not be allowed.

Ink, marker, transferred, or eraser markings, drawings, or tattoos on any area of the body are prohibited.

Tattoos, insignias, and buttons which promote alcohol, tobacco, drugs, vulgarities, violence, illegal activity, or are demeaning to other persons may not be worn at school.

Only prescription eyeglasses may be worn. NO 3-D or oversized black or any other color glasses may be worn on eyes, head, or any area of body. Shades are prohibited.


Large jackets may be worn to school, BUT NOT IN THE CLASSROOM.

Only solid colored lightweight jackets or sweaters with no logos, markings, numbers, designs, or emblems other than the McKee Middle School logomay be worn in the classroom. 

Pullovers are prohibited. Jackets and sweaters must be zipped down or unbuttoned from top to bottom.

Boots of any kind are prohibited!

“The uniform guidelines of the school coincide with MPS policy, but in a more detailed and school specific form.”


First Violation----Parent will be contacted and requested to bring appropriate apparel/shoes.

Second Violation---Student will be placed in I.S.D. (in school detention) and parent will be requested to bring appropriate apparel/shoes.

Third and subsequent violations---will be upgraded to B10: Persistent/Willful Disobedience and consequences will be issued accordingly.

 We are dedicated to raising the standards and expectations of our students at Walter T. McKee Middle School. A uniform code of dress will teach our children to dress for success, as well as enhance the culture and climate of the school. When they look good, feel good, and behave appropriately, their performance in and out of the classroom will greatly improve. Parents, we need you support! Together, we can make our school a safe and a productive learning environment for all students.

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